The Benefits of Managed Services: Unlocking Value and Efficiency

Discover how managed services can help businesses unlock value & efficiency through cost savings, increased efficiency & data security.

The Benefits of Managed Services: Unlocking Value and Efficiency

Managed Services provide ongoing operational monitoring and management of a customer's network infrastructure and devices. When you enter into an MSP agreement, you have a specific service level agreement, or SLA, that details all of your services. With this knowledge of commitment in your back pocket, you know that your MSP will always be available and ready to help you. Some MSPs, such as Datalink Networks, offer extended support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but others may offer support with a period of. Regardless of your support term, your MSP is there to help you with anything included in the SLA.

Successful implementation of managed services is estimated to help reduce IT costs by 25 to 45% and increase efficiency by 45 to 65%. But how? Depending on your SLA, you're likely to pay a flat rate for all the IT work that needs to be done within your organization. Because of this all-inclusive structure, it helps limit unexpected costs that you might otherwise face. The value of managed services lies in the ability to unlock efficiency and cost savings for businesses. By leveraging the expertise of an MSP, companies can reduce their IT costs while also increasing their efficiency.

Additionally, managed services can help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology and protect them from data breaches. Here are the top five benefits of managed services:

  • Cost Savings: Managed services often operate on an all-inclusive pricing model where the MSP charges a flat rate to manage and monitor all of the IT support offered by the plan.
  • Increased Efficiency: By using a managed service provider, your in-house staff can focus on their daily tasks, while the MSP takes care of the rest.
  • Data Security: Proactive monitoring and management of a managed service provider is the best option to minimize risk and ensure consistent operations.
  • Modern Work Styles: Managed services also support the tools needed to enable modern work styles, such as remote work, teleconferencing, and collaboration.
  • Employee Engagement: A recent Forrester Consulting study found that outdated technology creates high levels of employee disengagement. By helping to keep workplace technology up to date and functioning properly, managed services help employees stay engaged, efficient and productive.
Managed services are not strictly an IT solution; however, shifting tasks to a qualified provider creates value and efficiency across the enterprise. People are tempted to view managed services as simply outsourcing internal IT functions to a third-party managed service provider (MSP), and in some cases, that's exactly what happens.

From a cost perspective, one of the clear benefits of managed services is that it reduces labor costs and eliminates the cost of hiring and training new IT staff. This relationship allows companies with limited resources to find a better and more efficient way to leverage what they do have, thus offering their own customers more value. Having the right managed service provider for the areas of the business that are essential can be critical to achieving business objectives. Learn more about the top 5 benefits of a managed service provider. Schedule a free 30-minute IT consultation with our team and receive recommendations from our experts on how to successfully execute your next IT project, taking into account your budget, goals and objectives. If you wait too long in negotiations, you may lose the opportunity to sell them on managed services.

Managed services provide businesses with cost savings, increased efficiency, data security, modern work styles and employee engagement - all essential elements for success in today's digital world.

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